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Our humble beginning dated back to 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis, when many jobs and livelihood are affected. With a 4-man company, occupying a small 30m2 office, our founders Adrian, Rupert and Sherfeeq travelled islandwide to conduct employability training to support unemployed fellow Singaporeans.

Fast forward 15 years, BELLS Institute of Higher Learning has grown into a prominent training provider focused on employability and upskilling, with 6 training centres island-wide, over 170 employees, and have improved the livelihood of more than 140,000 graduates through their myriad of training programs.

Today, BELLS continue to challenge ourselves as we forge the path to deliver cutting edge training towards Upskilling and Employability in each of our 3 business sectors.

BELLS Tech, BELLS New Media, BELLS Baking Club

Ignite The Baker in You at BELLS Baking Club

Spinning the whisk and raising the heat, BELLS Baking Club have been igniting the baking industry with its arena of baking courses for the past half a decade.

Dedicated to equipping baking aspirants with the skills and technical know-how in creating master pieces of delectable pastry and breads, BELLS Baking Club prides itself in its selection of professional and experience Chefs, specially curated recipes and a modern studio fully equipped with everything that the baker in you needs to start your journey in the realms of pastry and baking. Conveniently located around Singapore, our baking clubs are strategically located at the popular Suntec City Mall (City Centre), Eastpoint Mall (Simei) and International Plaza (Tanjong Pagar).

From beautiful cakes, to crispy cookies, fluffy scones with delicious jams, sweet little macarons, beautiful café style breads and crispy crumbly flavourful tarts; whether you are new in the realm or an experience baker in the making, BELLS Baking Club is the place for you to embark on your next baking journey.

Empowering Businesses & Individuals to Sell & Compete Digitally

From Cybersecurity, CompTIA Certification, Block Chain Development to Data Science Professional and Full Stack Developers. Lead Generation, Robotic Process Automation, Python Programming and Artificial Intelligence; welcome to the exciting world of Technology Capability Enhancement in BELLS Tech.

At BELLS Tech, we support people and companies to learn and grow in the new digital age. We empower individuals and businesses with the latest and most useful in digital technologies, providing effective, job-ready training that keeps pace with the ever-changing industry needs.

In 2023, we are honoured to be appointed as Programme Partner for CET Technology Programmes in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, providing highly subsidised Technology courses at up to 95% funding.

Connect with us today and let BELLS Tech support you and your businesses to unpack a compelling tech-savvy future.

Next-Generation New Media Centre. Delivering Industry-level Media Courses

Located right next to the concert venue of choice in Singapore, The National Stadium, BELLS New Media Lab in Kallang Wave Mall is an all-integrated, technology-enabled Event Centre with full-fledged production capabilities, professional sound proofing, green screen and full recording soundstage equipment capabilities. Collaborating with Prominent Industry Players in the Media and Entertainment circle, BELLS New Media Lab delivers state-of-the-art Professional Level Media Training courses and is fast becoming the venue of choice for Event Professionals seeking for the perfect venue to conduct their next big event!

Contact us today for a quotation and site visit to experience the BELLS New Media Lab.

Why BELLS Baking Club

Choose Your Date
Select Your Cake
Start Your Experience

From the team that brought you BELLS Baking ClubTM , with the same professionalism at our beautifully designed Suntec Baking Club

The BELLS Baking Club

Envisioning the future that everyone and anyone can bake a beautiful cake, BELLS launched the inaugural BELLS Baking Club; to retain all the fun elements of baking, while ensuring that all our customers will be able to create magnificent pieces of Baking Art, that will impress even the most experience of bakers!

Built on the fundamentals of a memorable, engaging and fun experience, BELLS Baking Club provides and environment that is safe, convenient, engaging and most important of all fulfilling for everyone to enjoy the love of baking.


How much flour do I need exactly? How am I supposed to understand the recipe? Will I waste my ingredients? Is the oven too hot? What if I burnt my wrist? What if my hair gets caught in the mixer? What if…What if I tell you these are a thing of the past! At BELLS Baking Club, our group of professional chefs have spend more than 2,000 man hours to develop and entire suite of baking recipes that are easy to follow and fail proof! With our specially designed Digital Recipe Assistant, and under the warm and caring eyes of our professional Chefs, you will be guaranteed of success as you take your first step into the world of BELLS Baking Club, where everyone can bake a beautiful cake!

Convenient & Flexible

Dirty tables, flour filled counter tops and floors, un-used ingredients brought to waste will never happen again! At BELLS Baking Club, its as simple as 1,2,3

  1. Choose your recipe for your occasion!
  2. Pick a time & date!
  3. Checkout & bake your hearts out at fully equipped studio!

and you are all ready to meet your loved ones with your master piece!


With BELLS Baking Club’s Digital Recipe Assistant, and fun filled ingredients dispensary counters, you will be having an engaging and exciting session as you put together your own magnificent creations!


The smile on the face of your loved ones, the rush of endorphins as you lay your eyes on your beautiful creation, the sense of satisfaction that you have achieve the unbelievable and all the fun filled memories you built as you bake together, hand in hand with your friend and relatives, the immense fulfilment you get in BELLS Baking Club is unlike any other!

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