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Booking enquiries

Qn: How can I book a baking session?

You can do it with just 3 easy steps!

1) Choose a recipe

2) Choose the time & date

3) Check out & make payment

There is no need to adjust your commitment to meet the lesson schedule anymore! You can bake any recipe at any of your preferred time! You and your baking buddies can even be each baking different recipe side by side at the same time! Just register an account and get started now!

Qn: What is “add a Buddy” option in my selection?

Two is always more fun than one! You can top up $30 to bring a buddy to bake the same cake with you!
if you want to bake 2 recipe or 2 different recipes, you can make an additional booking, or have your buddy to register and make a booking at the same time with you!

If you bought a member pack, you will be given Buddy Cards to bring different buddies down for free!

Qn: What do I need to bring for the session?

You just need to show your booking ID to the counter upon arrival. All the ingredients, equipment & takeaway boxes are prepared for you! You can find your booking ID under “My Profile > My Schedule Booking”

We have a beverage counter that is ready to serve a fresh cup of coffee or refreshing beverage anytime during your session!

Qn: Do I need baking experience to book a session?

No baking experience is required! There will be steps by steps instructions & videos available along the session, and our friendly & professional chefs/facilitator will always be glad to help you!

Qn: Do you have a recipe that is suitable for my special occasion?

Definitely! We believe it is more memorable, meaningful & special to bake it yourself instead of purchasing it! Our Pinata recipe allows customer to add in their special gift inside the cake! (Please inform our chef)

Be it for a kid’s birthday, anniversary, farewell, celebrations or even just a therapeutic session for you and your buddies, BELLS Baking Club have the recipe for your needs!

Coins & Member Pack

Qn: What are the benefits of BELLS coins?

BELLS Coins can be used for booking of baking sessions, used for purchase of beverages & treats in the studio, or used for purchase of online/in-store items.

Only Baking Session fully paid by BELLS coins are eligible for refund, provided that the cancellation falls within the refund eligibility period.

Qn: Where can I get more BELLS coins?

There are several ways to get BELLS coins.

Coins can be earned from activities such as completing your profile or completing certain challenges during the promotional period.

You can also redeem BELLS coins from the promo vouchers, so keep a look out for our promotional codes!

Lastly, purchasing a member pack with earn you up to 20% more BELLS coins! Only the validity of BELLS coins purchased can be extended when the same type of BELLS coins is added from the purchased of a new member pack. Existing coins validity will be extended to the same period as the new member pack. Coins that are already expired will not be eligible for any validity extension.

Qn: When will I received the “Baking kit gift set” that comes with the member pack?

Members who purchase member pack with free gifts can sredeem their baking kit gift at the baking club. Please allow a 2 to 4 weeks preparation period for us to prepare the gift. BELLS will inform members when the gift is ready for redemption.

Qn: What do I get if I top up my member pack with the “Sharing” option?

Some of the member pack allow for a sharing option to share the perks of the member perk with your partner. You will receive 1 baking kit gift set but will receive 2 sets of customized aprons. A joint-Coins Wallet will be created between you & your partner to share the coins purchased from the member pack. Additionally, both you & your sharing partner will each get the same number of Buddy Cards & Beverage Cards stated in the member pack.

For illustration, if a member pack comes with 10,000 coins, 5 Buddy cards & 5 Beverage cards, the 10,000 coins will be shared by you and your buddy, but each of you will receive 5 Buddy cards & 5 Beverage Card.


Qn: What is the difference in baking classes between BELLS Baking Studio & BELLS Baking Club?

BELLS Baking Club offers WSQ skills upgrading & training classes, with the strict lessons plans structed specifically to impart valuable technical skillset & knowledge for the baking industry. BELLS have since trained ~50k learners. The training course can are typically 5 to 9 days, with a fixed schedule & recipe, and eligible for SSG subsidies & SFC credits eligible.

BELLS Baking Club offers a much flexible schedule and recipes but are not eligible for subsidy or SFC credit. You can pick any recipe & time, and we will be ready to bake with you! Bakers to have a fun time & bake a visually appealingly recipe for your special someone.

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